Terry Oxford, owner of UrbanBeeSF has been an urban rooftop beekeeper in San Francisco since 2008. She has apiaries on the rooftops of various restaurants and businesses in San Francisco, including Hines Property Management (KPMG), Quince, Cotogna, Nopa, Jardiniere, Heath Ceramics, Tartine Manufactory and in Bolinas at Fresh Run Farm, an all organic, biodynamic farm which supplies produce and CSA for Quince/Cotogna Restaurants.  

Never one to abide 'greenwashing,' Terry will help your business be truly and honestly green. UrbanBeeSF promotes and supports Hines Property Management's, Pollinator Feeding Stations (previously known as outdoor landscaping!) providing diverse and safe nutrition for pollinators. Also, Terry recently partnered with KPMG to host pollinator educational sessions for employees on Earth Day and Take Your Kids to Work Day. As your beekeeper, Terry is available for speaking and teaching engagements and brings valuable and timely ideas and practices for lively discussions.

Terry's work represents more than just honey. There is no point in talking about supporting bees if you're not talking about pesticide-free flowers!  What people don't realize is most flowering plants sold today are pre-treated with pesticides that are proven to kill pollinators (neonics).  In partnering with Terry, you will be a part of a timely and exciting movement that promotes good health via nutrition for honeybees, and more importantly, native pollinators such as bumble bees, hummingbirds, songbirds, butterflies and dragonflies.  This work encourages businesses to support native and organic plants and trees, from soil to nectar and pollen. 

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