PUBLIC speaking

Invite Terry Oxford to your landscape design/architect department or Greening Event.  Learn how to make a true and sustainable difference.


Terry Oxford has been a successful treatment-free beekeeper on San Francisco rooftops gardens since 2008.  With this program, she will come to you and give you one-on-one training at your hive site.  Set up a time and you'll get advice on the best way to keep your treatment-free bees fat and happy!  Are you un-sure and conflicted about chemical-treatment methods you've been taught?  She will help you understand the difference between both and guide you in your decisions, with understanding and without harsh judgement. Often her hives host other beneficial insects such as Lady Bugs and spiders.  A healthy hive is an eco-system and should not an antiseptic wasteland or chemical super-fund site. Learn about foundation-less frames and how to start the process, best placement for hives, when to expand and when to reduce, rodent and ant management, how to move a hive without stressing the bees and how see what's going on inside of the hive without opening the lid.  You'll also walk away with a deeper understanding of flowers.  Respectful, funny and kind is how you'll remember the experience and you'll end up with confidence, questions answered and skills borne of respect for this super organism. 

If you've lost your hive, Terry can come to your site and help you assess what happened and how to correct issues for next time.  She will also show you how to set up a swarm catcher because you never know when you'll be given a gift of bees!



sessIons include:

Expert site location and placement

How to install new bees whether from a swarm, (with salvaged comb) package or nuc

Routine Hive Inspections and what to look for both inside and outside the hive

How to fix cross-comb

Understand why Phenology is more important now than ever before

How and when to do a walk-away split


How to inspect without opening the box

How much honey to leave

Strong drone support

Natural pest management with no poisons or chemicals

Get to know and support the bee food in your area

Expert advice on relocating your Beehive to ensure the safety of both your bees and the neighbors


You will gain confidence and graduate from beginner to intermediate very quickly. Please make contact by clicking below and we can start a dialog about your concerns, the needs of your hive and pricing.