2016 Good Food Award Winner-Tree Blossom Honey/Nopa Restaurant

2016 Good Food Award Winner-Tree Blossom Honey/Quince Restaurant

2018 Good Food Award Winner -Tree Blossom Honey/Heath Ceramics


GOOD FOOD AWARDS is unlike most honey contests.

They care about poison-free flowers and ethical beekeeping.

Not a given in today's agricultural system and the chemical industry that informs it.



Good Food Awards Honey Entry Criteria:

By beekeepers who own and/or manage the bees locally, extract the honey and:
• Practice good animal husbandry, including:
• Do not locate hives within a five-mile radius of crops that receive heavy usage of agrochemicals.
• Do not regularly relocate any hives major distances for commercial pollination services.
• Manage hives using minimal chemical interventions (miteicides, antibiotics, etc.), in response to need and never prophylactically, following prescribed application guidelines.
• Feed balanced nutrition when needed, that is non-GMO and free of high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, including colors, flavors and preservatives.
• Practice social responsibility, including:

• Engage their community in education

• If staff is employed in tending the hives and harvesting the honey, they are treated respectfully and given fair compensation.


Every step of the UrbanBeeSF process promotes healthy, sustainable pollination in San Francisco.  Pesticide-free trees, local and diverse nutrition sources and exquisite raw honey are the heart, soul and LONG VIEW of UrbanBeeSF.  

Healthy bees flourish in the city because San Francisco currently bursts with largely pesticide-free, flowering trees with abundant blossoms almost all year long.

UrbanBeeSF honey is sourced by the bees from the mature tree canopy of this special city delivering a delicate and boldly complex flavor with notes from the local flowering ornamental trees!  Diversity comes from bottle brush trees, Eucalyptus, Flowering Gum and new zealand christmas trees. Colorful 'citrus' essence found in backyard Meyer lemon, sunny palms and bright acacia are underscored with a savory 'licorice' finish from the local, wild fennel which all local pollinators adore.

Our bees’ well-being always comes first. Captivating delicious craft-made honey is just a lovely gift.  

UrbanBeeSF saves most of the honey for the bees helping them to thrive on their own food.  They always go into winter with a box of their own honey, never sacrificing their wellbeing for financial gain.

San Francisco's CURRENT mature tree canopy creates an oasis of rich, nutritious diversity for butterflies, flies, asshole yellow jackets and wasps, NATIVE BEES, honeybees, hummingbirds and songbirds and clearly demonstrates how eating from locally sourced, largely organic and systemic-poison-free trees and plants make the highest quality food.  UrbanBeeSF never uses conventional/commercial/industrial beekeeping practices such as plastic-wax foundation, sugar/corn syrup food replacement, mite pesticides, fragrance or essence oils, chemical mixtures, acids, poisons or antibiotics inside any of our hives. From hive to jar only wood, stainless steel, glass and our amazing bees come in contact with the honey.

Terry Oxford personally oversees every part of UrbanBeeSF with a passion that is spurred by a desire to help the pollinator life system survive.


Remember a Meadow?



Bee Advocacy and Activism

UrbanBeeSF’s primary mission is to seed the future with survivor bees and to help people understand that we must stop behaving like nothing else on earth is as important as humans!  We have enslaved the honeybee in an industrial agriculture prison and fed her poison, sugar or just starved her as we deliver beehives to chemical-doused, mono-culture almond wastelands.  Who wouldn't be susceptible to mites under those unhealthy and unsustainable circumstances? 

Bees are the perfect voice to listen to right now as many of us contemplate human survival.  The bee is telling us to look critically at our profit motivated farming methods and to hurry and makes changes while we still can.  The answers are simple but not easy...we must stop the chemical and pesticide driven Agriculture cycle and understand that we've been duped by industry messaging.  Organic plant, tree and food purchasing choices are the way to slow down the massive lobbying power of these corporations.  And we must stop the use of all systemic pesticides now...because they are absolute poison, absolutely perfected. The mono-culture aesthetic of chemically-processed plants and industrialized food that we think we can trust is neither healthy nor sustainable. We have normalized an infrastructure that is failing the entire planet. 

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ROOFTOP Apiaries

UrbanBeeSF collaborates with like-minded restaurateurs and chefs to create rooftop apiaries. Even though these restaurants use our artisanal honeycomb when available, honeybee health, not honey production remains the primary focus.  Its an expensive model but UrbanBeeSF requires that whomever we partner with, understands that these tiny laborers of San Francisco deserve to eat their own food.  UrbanBeeSF never removes most of the honey from the hive because of the devastating health effects of sugar feeding.  Ever on the watch for greenwashing, UrbanBeeSF holds a high standard for hive placement and will only work with those who also chose sustainability over profits.

We believe that some things are sacred and should not be monetized.  If the condition of the earth is telling us anything, it is that some things should be simply honored because they are keeping us alive.  Some things, like the pollinator life system, are a gift. 

To evolve is to be grateful.  Be grateful and you'll evolve.

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“Sustainability means doing something for the future that you will never personally reap benefit from. Giving without receiving to the future reveals the best of our Humanity, and where we need to grow the most as a species.”
— Terry Oxford