Pollination Services in the Heart of San Francisco


Healthy bees, systemic-free street trees, pollination services and exquisite raw honey are the heart and soul of UrbanBeeSF. Every step of the UrbanBeeSF process promotes healthy, sustainable bee colonies in San Francisco. My bees’ well being ALWAYS comes first – captivating, artisanal honey is just a lovely result. UrbanBeeSF honey is a delicate yet complex blend of fennel, rose, lavender, thyme, rosemary, gum tree, bottlebrush tree, and everything else that flourishes in our lush San Francisco microclimate. The ultimate finish of the flavor note is a savory undertone of anise or licorice, which the bees source from fennel that grows wild all around the city.

UrbanBeeSF never uses: plastics, refined sugars or corn syrups as food replacement, mite pesticides, chemical medications or antibiotics inside any hives. From hive to jar, only wood, stainless steel, glass and bees ever come in contact with the honey. Healthy beehives can and do flourish in the city because San Francisco bursts with largely pesticide-free flowering trees with abundant blossoms all year long. Much of the wild food (both trees and other plants) in the city are largely neglected by people, which translates to plants that are not sprayed with any chemicals and are also allowed to go fallow. This full circle of life is critical to bee health and their survival. The monoculture aesthetic is neither healthy nor sustainable and kills everything that it comes in contact with.  We have normalized an infrastructure that will fail us all.  Remember a meadow? 



Bee Advocacy and Activism

UrbanBeeSF’s primary mission is to seed the future with survivor bees and to help people understand that we must stop behaving like nothing else on earth is as important as humans!  We have enslaved the honeybee in an industrial agriculture prison and fed them poison, sugar or just starved them as we truck them to monoculture farms that are chemically doused.  Why wouldn't they be susceptible to mites?  Bees are the perfect voice to listen to.  They are telling us to look critically at our farming methods and to makes changes while we still can.  The answers are simple but not easy...we must stop the chemical and pesticide cycle and understand that we've been duped.  Organic choices are the way to slow the lobbying power of these corporations.

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ROOFTOP Apiaries

UrbanBeeSF collaborates with like-minded restaurateurs and chefs to create rooftop apiaries. Even though these restaurants use our artisanal honey in many creative and exciting recipes, bee health, not honey production remains the primary focus.  Its an expensive model but UrbanBeeSF requires that whoever we partner with, understands that these tiny laborers of San Francisco deserve to eat their own food.  UrbanBeeSF never removes all the honey knowing that is devastating health-wise.  We believe that some things (the pollinator life system) are sacred and should not be monetized.  If the conditions of the earth is telling us anything, it is that.  Some things should not be used for profits.

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