HUMANS ARE COMMITTING INSECTICIDE and it will not end well.  

We must mobilize to protect insects!  For pollinators, it is now or never. Native bees, pollinating birds, butterflies and moths are in serious trouble. Notice how the honeybee free-fall is front and center in the news?  Humankind has rarely noticed the loss of species but it won’t be 'business as usual' if the pollination system collapses.   

We must illuminate and out the corporations who profit from poisonous agriculture plus their 'village' of conventional agriculture giants, and all those who benefit from chemical industrial farming.  We all eat food after all, and even shareholders hope for a future beyond the next fiscal quarter or two.   

The conventional beekeeping world is now retrenching and cynically jumping on the bandwagon by calling their chemicals natural or 'organic' now that many more see the connection they have with the chemical industry.  We must shine a spotlight on the 'priesthood' of tame agricultural academics who have run interference and taken pesticide funding for over 50 years. These same voices who were at the helm while more and more poisons came on the market, and who even today say that pesticides are not a problem for bees. They have caused the deliberate confusion of the public and to date have not entered the conversation in an honest way. 

Monsanto is in the process of developing a modified bee and they and their PR machine will likely tout themselves as a bee savior for their work.

But it is not logical that the chemical corporations that have brought bees (and most other species) to their knees, will now be able to save them by using the exact same business model. That business model has destroyed MILLIONS of years of less than 100 years!  Big chemical is incapable of creating a solution unless they are able to admit this truth.  

YOU CAN DO SO MUCH!  People are just as capable of EMPATHY as they are of apathy.  Begin by not looking away...take a critical look at the problems and then start taking small steps.  Empathy is a muscle and it gets stronger with practice.  People are not necessarily born humane but most of us have a compassionate nature that can be developed. Even those who do this damage can stand up for truth because we are on the edge as a species.  

If you want to help save bees and other pollinators begin by greening the city which will provide food and shelter for hundreds of other species. Plant something organic (from soil to seed to starters); keep a garden alive; sponsor a block of trees in your neighborhood; even create a window planter.  Or better yet, volunteer with a beekeeper (so many need your help!)  It's easy to feel helpless in our troubled times, but bees are telling you that you are the answer!  

BE AN ACTIVIST! Go to the sites below to see what you can do to help stop big pesticide. And believe it or not, San Francisco doesn't need any more beekeepers or bees! To Really help save the Earth, begin locally, provide your city or town with a bee paradise by planting organic pollinator food now! You will bring back birds, insects and healthy soil in the process. 

Consider what you VALUE and be grateful for what planet Earth freely gave to us. Give back to this planet before it's too late! It's the least we can do after taking so much!