Bee Advocacy and Activism

UrbanBeeSF’s primary mission is to seed the future with survivor bees. To that end, Terry Oxford has begun to strongly advocate for bees and pollinators. She calls for city policy makers to DEMAND that retail stores and garden centers regulate and control the sale of pesticides to ultimately prevent these lethal products from being sold or used freely by the general public and city services. It's not just neonics...the industry has cynically promised even worse poisons if we succeed with a neonic ban. It's the monoculture aesthetic and mindset that has to change!  We have normalized the poisoning of our food in exchange for uniformity, ease of shipping and cosmetic appearance.  THAT's the work ahead of us.  Follow the money and it all makes sense.  With billions used just for lobbying purposes, can you really trust the industries who care more about defending themselves and their profits?  When they start defending the earth with as much vociferousness, then we can begin to listen to what they say. But for now, their actions speak louder than their words.

We must mobilize to protect insects and stop committing insecticide. For bees, it is now or never. Bees are in serious trouble. Humans will notice the loss of this species and it won’t be business as usual if pollinators are gone. Big pesticide corporations and Monsanto must be convinced of the wisdom of regulation. We all eat food, even shareholders! Monsanto is in the process of developing a GMO bee and is being touted as a bee savior for this work. It is doubtful that the corporations that have brought bee to their knees, will now be able to save them, using exactly the same business model.


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